The crisis is necessary because we can not bear the weight of constancy, the burden of inertia, even fatigue. How to support? Our constitutionality, our essence is eminently multifaceted support and not wholes, nor empires sanctities. We want to villages and pleasures, fluency and rebuilding!
Such turbulence is innate to human nature, why are we so paradoxes, fickle, wandering. We almost always testing our ability, values​​, limits, dangers, feelings, opportunities. What would be the creativity, inventiveness and novelty without the crisis?
She has the power, the strength and intensity, corrupt and regenerate, poisoning and purify, to horrify and humanize, and have to impose, to try and propose to break and remake ...
The crisis is able to force the breakup of comfort, tranquility and cause personal and social improvement. From a certain angle, the moment of crisis can be a powerful antidote against injustice, dishonesty, lack of quality, etc..
We blame the failures of love, but did not evaluate the quality of our feeling. Disillusioned with the deficit of the company is easy, but do not notice the absence (remodeling) of competitive advantage. Grieved at the plight with the disease, but did not have a healthy life. Often, we pause to evaluate the ends and not the means!
The crisis teaches us to be better, to live with more quality, have an existence more critical and strategic in the face of reality. The sooner we understand the symptoms of the crisis, more efficient and less harmful will be the results.