In the history of mankind than the commonly measured out like crazy, foolish, insane. Not only merit of the great thinkers and artists, common people also suffer the cultural pressure to remain the same, so a tendency to say, deterministically: You can not? This is not possible, dreamer?
Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh, Isaac Newton, Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein was considered crazy, are known today revered as great thinkers of human history. The genius, is often seen as futurism delusional wreck of rationality. "There is always some madness in love. But there's always some reason in madness "(Nietzsche).
The transformative power, inventiveness and intellectual human being can make the impossible possible. The unimaginable before can be trivial today. Galileo Galilei struggled with the theory that the earth was round. Christopher Columbus traveled to misadventure at sea dark and discovered America. Santos Dumont at 14 bis became the father of aviation, making possible an old dream of mankind to fly. The conquest of space, then, was a matter of time and proper technology. And many were successful in their madness, in your dreams!
If people of flesh and blood were able to accomplish great things, some of them regarded as impossible, impractical, imagine what God in His magnificence and grandeur, would not loan to do? Think big, be big!
A man with no goals and no dreams not achieved success in life. More than that, life becomes a vast emptiness. But it is not so simple, it takes effort, commitment, faith, persistence, preparation, positivity, planning, sensitivity.