The contemporary world sprayed their spatial boundaries, commercial (with exceptions), through technological globalization and the human intellectual capacity. All this was made possible by the ongoing historical movement by bringing people together, creating more knowledge, development, engagement, social exchanges.
With the advent of the internet present in almost all planetary was possible to formulate a powerful network capable of producing effects that made us rethink the concepts of freedom, democracy, management, politics, citizenship, production, culture, governance, community, future ... There was an expansion of these meanings in numerical and qualitative.
So much so that society more informed, more directly involved by events and news coming almost always in real time, strengthen their awareness on participatory decision-making and eminent events of history that is. Nothing goes unnoticed, so education can be a key tool to qualify the all-seeing eye.
The effectiveness of participation increasingly intense and rooted in both the real and virtual spectrum, makes freedom of expression, social control, pressure citizen to influence the sources of power to rethink and reassess their strategies and actions. And so, positions closed, repressive and totalitarian regimes, has been mined and fought not only by national forces, but throughout a global village and that tune plays the role of responsibility for his brothers.
The Internet has the power to strengthen democracy (cyberdemocracy), creating transparency, oversight, complaint, the perception of the facts, amplified construction of arguments, critical, involvement and participation in public life, building a better future.