A life together has had its ups and downs between Carlos Antunes and Anna Francielli, but when it came to party there was much to celebrate. It seemed a strange force took account of those minds leading them to a confrontation and intriguing inhospitable.
The weather was heavy, there was a desire to fight, clash! Before you even leave the house towards the festive event tension hung in the air. Penetrated eyes, dry lips, minimal words! After all, the party is not a cause for joy?
For the couple the effect was contrary! There was praise, had no connection, not sublimated the charm of yesteryear! The small insects like small complaints arose out of an anthill. - You take too much, the clothes do not match,'s still early...! Self-esteem was shaken.
After crossing the door the words fled and hid affection! The dance was an uncomfortable encounter: - Carlos does not want to dance here, I want there! - Well, but here is much more spacious! - You're not dancing right...! Even sumo wrestlers are better understood. And jealousy soon manifested itself as haunting in dark night: - Why do you stare at women passing? You're changed, always far! - Well, then I have to stick your eyes, because everywhere has a wife at home! Now the words were jumping like popcorn.
With this, the climate of tranquility had been to space! And to see other people dancing, smiling, jumping, mostly tuning, it seemed that the couple was on another planet: - Let's go! - Suggests husband. - Do not want to go, the party has just begun! - Replied the woman.
And so were hours sitting on a bench cold and sad place, one beside the other, uncompromising insurmountable, untouchable! That the zero hour, the instant bonding and / or division of two days. Bad sign! The script could be another if there were such misunderstanding. It takes reflection and change of attitude! Unfortunately, these things happen!